Sakutaro Sakurai
Character Info
Age 13
Gender Male
Birthday 8/31
Idol Info
Type Sexy
Seiyuu Yuki Kaji
Singer Yuki Kaji
Sakutaro is a sexy idol and character in the RP.


A polite, gentle young man with a passion for Japanese tradition. He can be overprotective.


As a child he, despite being from a minor vampire clan, was often hospitalized due to his weak constitution. Yuki often visited him, which is part of the reason he fell in love with him.


His aura consists of white, lilac, and pastel pink cherry blossoms, multicolored fans, purple japanese artstyle clouds, and falling ofudas. When it progresses, it gets an arch similar to the gate to a Shinto shrine.


  • Yuki Tomoe: His childhood friend and lover. They're usually with eachother.